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Laura Durrant, LCSW,  Reiki Master

Laura Durrant is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Reiki Master, and Certified Interactive Guided Imagery Guide.

Laura's empathic approach to healing is non-judgmental and accepting. She honors the divine nature of the individuals she works with, and creates a warm therapeutic environment to support them on their paths.

Laura holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Health from the University of Utah.  She is professionally certified as an Interactive Guided Imagery Guide through the Academy for Guided Imagery, and is a Level III Reiki Master. 

Over the course of her career Laura has counseled sexual assault 

survivors, abused and neglected children, physically disabled children, developmentally delayed adults  with mental illness, birth mothers and adoptive families, severely and persistently mentally ill adults, inmates, refugees and asylum seekers, crisis and trauma patients,

and victims of torture.  

Laura's current healing work is focused on working with others who

are, like she is, wise spirits living in challenging times. Laura's practice areas include: Spirituality, Personal Growth, Faith Crisis, Relationship Issues,

Parenting, Self Esteem, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Management.  

Text or Call: (801) 366-4469

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