Heartfelt Healing - Reiki and Counseling
Heartfelt Healing is located just west of downtown Salt Lake City

Appointments are available on Saturdays and Sundays.

2-Hour Sessions include 1 hour of Reiki, and 1 hour of Counseling
Cost:  $120.00


"Laura led me into a watershed experience of guided imagery.  Her compassion and wisdom throughout the process has given me greater peace and confidence to move forward."

"After a session with Laura, it feels like I've just spent a week on vacation.  Normally, it takes about 3 days on vacation to unwind and relax.  It took only about 40 minutes with Laura to feel the same way. That feeling lasted for days after the Reiki session."
"My latest Reiki experience was one of the most relaxing and spiritual occurrences I've had.  The space felt sacred, the music was lovely and Laura's gentle hands overflowed with healing."
"The experience of bliss and awareness was unusual and helpful.  It quieted my mind for a large period of time after.  Laura's touch was subtle and intentional, and I felt comfortable and safe the entire time." 

Text or Call:  (801) 366-4469